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Hi Im dptjs0joanna,welcome to my portfolio website!

These are some pictures from our graville island fieldtrip. There were various of things that you could enjoy. It was the perfect place to take pictures and there were many delicious food.

I had a fun time in granville, I could take pictures and make memories with my friends, and also the public market had all the food that I enjoyed eating . They have many gift shops you can visit to buy your family something.

Granville island is a very colorful place and if you look carefully you can find places that you never knew about, just like the graffiti picture under. Granville has many other graffiti walls other than this, they have at least 5more than this, and because of these colorful places , I got to enjoy the time there. It was easy to finish our assignment because granville had so many places you could go to, but be careful you might easily get lost.

Just like I said earlier, granville has many different kinds of foods, if you walk around and take pictures, you can smell the deliciousness in the air. tartes, cakes, seafoods, pizza, and etc. It was really nice for students becasue the foods werent too expensive and they were a good price for students to afford. Our group didn't have to go around in a hurry, because we had plenty of time to go around and do our assignment and also do the things we want to do.